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Frequently Asked Questions


Veritas Classical Schools in the Memphis Metro Area is administrated by Jill Marr.  She can be contacted at 901.830.6173 or via email at We encourage you to spend quality time on our website. It contains current information on everything ranging from yearly curriculum overviews to our faith statement and even our dress code suppliers.


Do I have to sign up with an umbrella school if my student is enrolled in Veritas?


Yes, you will need to register with an umbrella school if you live in Tennessee. Veritas is your program/curriculum provider, not your legal liaison to the state. HomeLife Academy and Faith Heritage are two local choices. You can research information about each umbrella school online. MS law certifies the parent as the legal representative of your home school program when you register with your district.  Mississippi students do not need an umbrella school but will need to provide a certificate of intent to the state attendance officer in the school district in which they reside.


How is the Christian Classical Model of Education implemented at Veritas?


The Christian Classical Model of Education links together subject matter. For example, when studying Ancient History, the geography and literature selections will reflect the time period being studied. This provides the students with a well rounded educational model. The beauty of a Classical Christian Worldview Program is that Biblical concepts are woven through every subject. The classroom experience at Veritas moves beyond just an opening prayer and a Bible class to deepen scriptural concepts at every age level.  The teaching methods in the classroom highly encourage critical thinking and strong communication skills both orally and in composition.


What advantages does Veritas offer my family?


The Veritas advantage includes a professionally selected curriculum, weekly classroom interaction, prepared assignment sheets for parent implementation, and regular progress reports. This combination provides for social and peer interaction and contact with excellent tutors who support your homeschool endeavor. This environment fosters motivation and accountability for students and parents in a supportive and academically challenging environment. Veritas is committed to providing a high-quality program that is cost-effective. This commitment is reflected through reasonable tuition rates and excellent effective teaching staff. 


When and where does Veritas meet?


There are currently two campuses. Each campus meets either one or two days depending upon your needs.

Collierville meets at Collierville First Baptist Church on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule

DeSoto County meets at New Prospect Baptist Churchh on a Wednesday/Thursday schedule
Both days are from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.


What does my child do on Veritas Day(s)?


Students in grades K-6th participate in either a one or two days per week schedule.  Everything is done in the classical style utilizing the idea of unit studies.

Students 7th-12th grade receive humanities instruction one day per week to include literature, grammar, vocabulary, history, geography, and critical thinking. Students engage in classroom discussions of the material, give presentations, take tests, and receive information/instruction needed to complete upcoming assignments. Math, Science, and composition are offered on an alternate day for students 7th-12th grade. Once in 9th grade, these students can take two years of Spanish instruction or two years of Latin instruction.  Students have a small break in the morning and eat lunch (packed from home) with their individual classes.


What is the Veritas School calendar?


School begins the week before Labor Day and ends in May. Thirty-three weeks of instruction are currently offered. Due to the flexible nature of home school, only four school-day breaks are scheduled: Fall Break, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break.  These breaks are scheduled without regard to the local city, county, or private school breaks.  For specific dates, please review the school year calendar provided on the website.


Who will my be child's teacher?


Veritas enjoys very low turnover in their staffing, but year to year there are changes in staffing, and we cannot guarantee a particular teacher. Veritas has high standards for its staff, thus your students will be offered quality instruction. Requests for specific teachers can be made and are often granted, but not guaranteed.


Are all tutors certified teachers?


Veritas does maintain a high educational standard for their instructors. Some, but not all teachers have current certification. All instructors have at least a four-year college degree and many retain graduate-level training and degrees. Most have both professional and home school experience with their own children. This unique perspective makes the Veritas staff a valuable resource for our parents and students. All are academically qualified to teach the subject matter they oversee within the program.


Do I get grades for my child?


Grades are regularly posted in our online grade book and available at any time.  Grades are calculated by quarter with final grades provided at the end of the school day.   Parents are responsible to print, retain and report grades to their umbrella school.  Veritas does not keep records beyond the contracted year.


What is the average class size?


Average class sizes vary year to year, depending on enrollment.  There is a maximum class size applied by grade

K-6th grade- up to 15 students

7th-12th grade - up to twenty students per class


While these guidelines are established, occasionally a master teacher in the upper grades may take 1 or 2 more students. The class size is limited to allow for more one on one instruction. It helps our program maintain both high academic standards and aids in accountability.


What are my (the parent's) responsibilities?


Legally, morally, and ethically, home school parents are the primary purveyors of academic instruction. Veritas is the professional support staff for our parents. Our tutors provide academically challenging instructional days that introduce the weekly concepts, but parents are the ultimate authority and responsible party in any home school endeavor. The measure of success in our program is equal to the diligence provided in the home environment.


We kindly ask our parents to:

-Maintain a current email address for communication from the teacher, campus administrator, and/or director.

-Communicate with the teacher regarding all instruction and/or discipline questions.

-Communicate first with the teacher to resolve any issues pertaining to the classroom.

-Communicate with the Veritas Office regarding billing, tuition, and enrollment changes.

-Ensure that the student complies with school policies written in the registration and enrollment form.

-Honor financial obligations.

-Be familiar with guidelines regarding restrictions and changes in enrollment.


What are the tutor's responsibilities?


In addition to excellent classroom management and quality educational instruction, the tutor will provide a weekly assignment sheet outlining required work (this is posted on our website weekly). S/he will also provide an email contact and will respond to communications within 24 hours. (Unless extenuating circumstances prevent this, such as illness, a death in the family, unexpected travels, computer issues, etc.) If contact is not made in a timely manner, an email to the campus administrator and/or director (who may be able to answer your question) is appropriate. Tutors will also provide quarterly evaluation, in the form of final grades in our online grade-book based on classwork, tests, and participation.


How much time per day should I expect my child to spend on schoolwork?


This varies greatly by grade, ability, and family structure.  Veritas is only as good as the diligent home school family! Students in K-4th grade should expect only a few hours of parent-led instructional time, while upper grades (5th-12th) will spend several more hours. Our program is academically challenging to most students. We endeavor to find the appropriate workload for each grade. New students may struggle initially to complete work, but with perseverance students usually gain the self-discipline and familiarity with the program to complete work in an average school day (5 to 7 hours for upper school students.) Good communication with instructors regarding workload is encouraged to aid the incoming family find an appropriate balance.


What if my child cannot complete the work assigned for the week?


The workload at Veritas is age-appropriate and typical for each age group. Students are expected to complete work unless there is a special circumstance that prevents completion. Parents should communicate with the teacher when this happens. A note written on the assignment sheet is usually all that is necessary. We recognize the parent is the ultimate authority regarding the completion of assignments, however we must also realize that tasks are given for necessary academic mastery at each level. This level of accountability helps students prepare for their future job-related tasks by developing a good work ethic and provides positive structure for parents to follow.


What happens if we miss a week of Veritas?


Flexibility is a wonderful part of the home school experience. If illness or a scheduled family event interferes with the school schedule, please know you have the freedom to exercise that flexibility. Remember, academic consistency is the key to success! Please communicate with your tutor to ensure make-up assignments are completed in a timely fashion either before or after your scheduled event or untimely illness. We post our weekly assignments online to allow parents access to our program anywhere that has internet access. In the case of illness with children grades K-6th, we encourage you to only make up the assignments which need to be turned in, instead of trying to double up the following week.


Will you provide food for my child?


We kindly ask that parents send a lunch, snack, and a drink for your student each week. Food selections need to be items that your student can independently manage. No refrigerator, microwave, or reheating of any kind is available on any campus.


Do students go on field trips?


Instructional time is carefully guarded. We encourage parents to participate in local support groups to add dimension to their homeschool experience. Field trips are rare and never occur on instructional days.


Will my child's education be competitive with state and national standards?


Veritas provides an excellent educational model that is competitive with state and national standards. The subject matter provides most of the credits needed for graduation with a college-preparatory emphasis. The average ACT score for graduating seniors is consistently in the top 20th percentile of the nation. As a homeschool program, this indicates highly motivated parents, students, and tutors. All academic coursework is covered. Please consult your umbrella or cover school for non-academic electives for more information.


What if my K-6th Grade child is above grade level in Math?


Veritas encourages advanced placement in mathematical subject matter. Parents need to notify both the office and the individual tutor before the first day of class to ensure they are placed in the correct grade for Math class.


What if my child is academically behind?


As each child's academic skills are completely individual, a one-on-one conversation with the office staff and/or a tutor is necessary to determine if placement with Veritas is the most effective means of education for your student. Please contact the office at 901-830-6173.


What are the tuition payment options?


Tuition can be paid monthly via e-check or a debit/credit card and is due between the 1st of the month. Veritas offers a discount for those paying by the year or a sibling discount.


I really love the specific curriculum I'm using this year. Can that be integrated with Veritas?


There are certain subjects that are not integral to the unit studies model at Veritas. The subject matter covered in Math, Science, and Critical Thinking are the areas where flexibility can be applied. Students using alternate curricula must bring work to be executed during those class times. Both the office and the individual tutor must be notified in advance of your preferences.  


Does the cost of tuition cover the cost of my books and supplies?


As with all homeschool programs, the purchase of books and supplies is a parental responsibility. A detailed booklist is provided for all enrolled students.


What curriculum does Veritas use?


Veritas selects a rich and varied curriculum from multiple curriculum providers. For grade-specific information, please refer to the Curriculum tab under" About Us" section on our website.  For any additional questions, please call the office at 901-830-6173.


What is the registration process?


The registration process is very simple. Both the application and the registration fees can be completed and submitted online. The online enrollment form includes a complete instructional page. A list of curriculum rotations, tuition costs, and fees can be researched online.


What should my child wear to class?


Veritas has a dress code that includes a single-color polo shirt with the school logo and khaki pants, skirts, shorts, or capris. Modesty is the goal, so all pant lengths must be at least to the knee or below.


When is the best time to contact the Veritas office?


Our office staff is available Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You may contact us at (901) 830-6173 or via email at We make every effort to respond promptly.


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