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  • Veritas students are expected to honor God, their parents, their country, their instructors, and their fellow students, according to biblical principles of conduct.

  • Veritas students are expected to act respectably, honorably, honestly, and with integrity at all times and in all situations.

  • Unless otherwise indicated by the instructor, no one is to speak in class except the instructor or the student called upon to speak by the instructor.

  • Students will follow the Veritas dress code.

  • Food may be eaten only in designated areas during breaks and during the lunch period. Plastic bottles with water (only) may be kept on the student's table for sipping during class time.

  • Students are expected to act respectfully toward all church/school staff, students, facilities, and property.

  • Veritas students are expected to arrive on time, have all assignments completed, and be prepared to participate in each class.

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