Shurley English Level 2 Homeschool Kit


by: Brenda Shurley

ISBN 10: 1585610445
ISBN 13: 9781585610440

This kit contains all the materials needed to teach one child for an entire year. It contains a teacher's manual, student workbook, and introductory cd. The teacher's manual is the heart of the program at every level. Each lesson in the manual begins with a planning box, which contains lesson objectives. Scripted lessons provide you with the exact words for the Question & Answer Flows, questioning strategies, and the teaching techniques that make this program consistent for all grade levels. The script is especially helpful for parents who are new to homeschooling or are new to Shurley English. The Teacher's Manual is set up in chapters. There are five lessons in each chapter, and each chapter can be finished in one week. Each lesson takes approximately twenty to forty-five minutes to complete. Grammar, language skills, and writing are taught in each chapter. Most student workbooks contain a Jingle Section, a Reference Section, a Practice Section, and a Test Section. The Jingle Section contains all the jingles. The Reference Section includes vocabulary words, guided practices, samples, guidelines, and charts. The Practice Section provides extra practice on the various skills taught before the skills are tested. The Test Section contains the tests for each chapter. Each test is divided into four basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills, and a summary of things learned for the week. Shurley English places special emphasis on parent-child interaction and participation. The introductory CD provides the jingles and the Question & Answer Flows for the Introductory Sentences. It may be used to demonstrate jingles and Question & Answer Flows to children, or it may be used as a resource for the parents. Grade 2.

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  • ISBN 13: 9781585610440

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