Veritas Classical Schools

Veritas Classical Schools


~Dress Code~

Dress code is mandatory and will consist of a solid color classic polo shirt (long or short sleeve) with the Veritas Logo, with modest khaki pants or capris, knee-length shorts, or a knee-length skirt or jumper. Shirts must be tucked in, and a belt should be worn if the pants, capris, shorts, or skirt have belt loops. Shoe color and style is left to the parents discretion. Jackets should be open-style, zippered or button-up. No sweat-shirt style ‘hoodies’ are admissible.

The ultimate goal with our dress code is modesty and neatness. Since your time spent in class is limited, we would ask that dress code not become an issue. Please adhere to the requirements as stated.

Veritas Classical Schools has selected The Shirt Place (Memphis), Pat’s Monograms (Desoto), and Lands’ End as your recommended dress code suppliers.

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