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~Application for Memphis Area Veritas only~

Please submit one application per student.

   Steps for enrollment process:

We are excited you are considering Veritas as part of your academic home school program. Carefully read the information regarding the multi-step enrollment process at VCS.

Please initial each step as you read it to verify that you understand the enrollment process completely.
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*Step 1:

(enter initials)

Complete the enrollment application packet. For your convenience, you may type your information into this document. A copy of the current tuition and fees and curriculum rotations by campus (5th-High School) are included in this packet. Please be sure to look over this information to be fully informed of the prescribed curriculum before you apply. Once completed, please print one copy of the entire packet. Retain one copy for your records and submit electronically a copy to our office. The enrollment fee must accompany your enrollment via credit card at or via check, money order, or cashier’s check by mail to our office. Complete one enrollment form for EACH student for which you are applying.

CLICK HERE for the detailed 2017-2018 Curriculum and Fee Schedule in PDF format.
CLICK HERE for the detailed 2017-2018 Discovery Dyslexia Program Fees in PDF format.

Non-Refundable Enrollment Fees:
Before July 1st, 2017: $75/student. Family Cap: $250
After July 1st, 2017: 100/student. Family Cap: $300

Discovery Dyslexia Program: $125/student
After July 1st, 2017: $150/student. Family Cap: $350

These enrollment fees may be paid by check or money order.

Office Address:

P.O. Box 869
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Pay via credit card by clicking here.
(a 2% fee will be added by using this method)

*Step 2:

(enter initials)

Once the online application and fees are received, Veritas will review your application. Upon preliminary acceptance, a legally binding financial contract will be sent to you via email. It will contain pertinent information regarding our fees, financial requirements, professional courtesy policies, program and parent expectations. Review this document carefully; your signature signifies your acceptance of the contractual terms. You may return it via mail or email copy to our office. Veritas does not guarantee acceptance until the financial contract is accepted by our administration. If Veritas is not able to accept your application packet, we will notify you via email.

*Step 3:

(enter initials)

Once the signed financial contract is received, Veritas will review your contract and will notify you of acceptance via email. Upon receipt you are contractually obligated to its terms. This email may include other pertinent documentation, such as the parent handbook and booklists. (These may not be available for those parents registering early. However, they will be sent via email once they are ready.) This completes your enrollment process.

*Step 4:

(enter initials)

Please note that you need to begin the process of purchasing curriculum. As an extension of our educational ministry, VCS has organized an online store for our parents. Inventory will center primarily on the curriculum needed for your school year. Discounts may apply to parents of enrolled students. This resource can be found at

I have initialed ALL the above steps and have reviewed the included schedules, tuition costs/fees. I have retained a copy of this form for my records. My signature certifies my understanding of the enrollment process and the legally binding nature of the school year contract.

*Electronic Signature: (enter name here)

   Student Information:

     * Are you a: New Student     Returning Student

     Student’s Legal Name:
     * First:        Middle:        * Last:  

        Preferred Name:  

      * Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):   / /

      * Sex: Male   Female

      * Current School (note if home-schooled):

      * Current Grade Level (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...):     * 2017-2018-Grade Level Entering (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc...):

      * Campus Choice:   DeSoto County   Germantown   Cordova

   Family Information:

      * Parent’s Name:  

      * Address:  

      * City:      * State:      * Zip Code:  

      * Primary Phone (555) 555-5555 () -        * Cell Phone (555) 555-5555 () -

      * E-mail:  

**Please note that Veritas Classical Schools uses E-mail as its primary mode of communication.**
**To receive regular updates, statements, and information email addresses must be kept current.**

      * Family Church Affiliation:

      * To the best of your knowledge is the student a follower of Jesus Christ? Yes     No

   Emergency Contacts: List name, current phone number, and relationship to student
        Be aware these are the ONLY people authorized to pick up your child or
        make emergency decisions if the custodial parent cannot be contacted.

      * 1: * Phone (555)555-5555 () - * Relationship:
         2:    Phone (555)555-5555 () -    Relationship:
         3:    Phone (555)555-5555 () -    Relationship:

   Enrollment Data:
      * I am enrolling my student in the following:

         K - 6th Grade Course Offerings:
         K-6th Full Curriculum (Humanities, Math, and Science)

         Only Choosing Elective Classes

         1st-6th Dyslexia Program Offerings
         1st-6th Discovery Dyslexia Program (Tutoring only or After-School Placement)
           1 Tutor Session per week
           2 Tutor Sessions per week

         1st-6th Discovery Dyslexia Humanities Core Subjects (mainstreamed)
           1 Tutor Session per week
           2 Tutor Sessions per week

         7th - 12th Grade Course Offerings:
         7th-12th Full Curriculum (Humanities, Math, and Science)

         7th-12th Limited Curriculum
             7th-12th Humanities          7th-12th Math          7th-12th Science

         7th - 12th grade choose one appropriate Math and Science.

          No Math Needed
          General Math     Pre-Algebra     Algebra 1     Algebra 2     Geometry     Pre-Calculus

          Science (Labs listed are required):
          No Science Needed
          General Science     Physical Science     Biology w/lab
          Chemistry w/lab     Anatomy and Physiology w/lab     Physics w/lab

* A minimum number students must be enrolled for the class to be offered. *
* Math and Science courses are listed in the order they need to be taken and are to be counted as a pre-requisites for the following course. *
* New students (7th - 12th grade) must complete the math placement test prior to placement. Placement tests can be taken at Please contact the office if you have questions regarding this requirement. *

         7th-12th Dyslexia Program Offerings
         7th-12th Discovery Dyslexia Program
           1 Tutor Session per week
           2 Tutor Sessions per week

         7th-12th Discovery Dyslexia Program and Humanities Core Subjects (mainstreamed)
           1 Tutor Session per week
           2 Tutor Sessions per week

         9th - 12th grade choose appropriate Foreign Language:

* Note that 2 years of the same foreign language must be completed as part of graduation requirements. This requirement can be taken at any time during the four years of High School. * * For the 2017-2018 school year the following language options will be available at all campuses. *

          Latin 1    Spanish 1
          Latin 2    Spanish 2    No foreign language needed

         Electives Marketplace

Veritas has contracted with individuals and companies to offer a wider-range of classes for our students. This list could increase at semester or even before school begins. These are no longer “contracted” classes meaning they are not paid for through Veritas. You will work directly with the providers who will contact you based upon your responses on this page. Each provider is free to charge their own fees and will collect their tuition starting on Parent Night. Each provider can also set a minimum and maximum number of students for each class.

Electives Days at Veritas:
Cordova Campus – Tuesday from 8:30-2:30
Germantown Campus – Wednesday from 8:30-2:30
Desoto Campus – Thursday from 8:30-2:30
This is not necessarily a full day depending upon the number of classes you sign up for.

         Current Electives Offerings for all Campuses:

         Art 1 (K-1st) -- $40 (1 hr/wk)
         Art 2 (2nd-4th) -- $40 (1 hr/wk)
         Art 3 (5th-8th) -- $50 (1.5 hours/wk)
         Art 4 (9th-12th) -- $50 (1.5 hours/wk)
         Music 1 (K-1st) -- $45 (1 hr/wk)
         Music 2 (2nd-5th) -- $45 (1 hr/wk)
         Keyboarding (4th and up) -- $40 (1hr/wk)
         Computer Coding for Kids (4th and up) -- $45
         Computer for High School credit -- $45 (1 hr/wk)
         Online Health class -- $45
         Beginner Spanish (1st-3rd) --$375/yr
         Spanish A (4th-8th) --$375/yr

         0ther classes we are still finalizing:

         American Sign Language

         Student Academic Background:

Please give a brief evaluation of the student’s academic background and achievement. Please be sure to include any academic concerns, mental or social issues present in your student (ex: ADHD, etc.)    NOTE: Undisclosed academic, social, mental, or behavioral issues may result in immediate dismissal from the program.

      * Parent Testimony:

Please provide at least one parent’s testimony of their Walk of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Returning families just enter “See previous application.” No further information required.):

You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address provided.

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